Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Television Debut

You can now catch my interview with David Perry on the Comcast series 10 Percent.  We taped the segment a couple of weeks ago, and it aired the week of May 21.  It’s now available on youtube.

My television debut was a really interesting experience, but surprisingly easy.  I arrived at the studio a few minutes early and went directly to make-up.  (I haven’t done that since Halloween 1997!)  Then, it was onto the set, where I draped a microphone cord under my shirt and waited for the cameras to roll.  From that point on, though, it was pretty much like an ordinary conversation.  David put me at ease immediately and asked several very thoughtful questions.  For the most part, it felt like a natural conversation—so much so that, after a minute or two, I was no longer aware of the cameras. 

It all went by so quickly, I can hardly remember all that we talked about, so you’ll find no spoilers here.  I did apparently survive without stumbling over my words—and that has to count for something!  


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