Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rigoberto González on The Heart’s History

I’m excited to pass along more praise for The Heart’s History, from another award-winning writer.

Rigoberto González, author of The Mariposa Club and Butterfly Boy, winner of the American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation, states:

With admirable sensitivity, Lewis DeSimone reaches deep into a close community of friends to explore the textured lives of gay men, their urgencies haunted by the traumas and anxieties of the past, illuminated by their current (sometimes troubled) affinities and relationships. At the center of this circle is the endearing couple, Robert and Edward, their touching story a catalyst that allows those near them (including the reader) to consider the power of commitment, the grace of forgiveness. The Heart’s History is a stunning portrait of love.”

That last phrase is the new tag line for the novel. Thanks, Rigoberto!


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