Sunday, July 09, 2006

On the Shoulders of Giants

Andrew Holleran, one of my literary idols, was in San Francisco recently to promote his new (and brilliant) novella, Grief. His reading at A Different Light was packed with fans eager to hear the latest from the author of the classic Dancer from the Dance, Nights in Aruba, and other greatly influential novels—and they were not disappointed. Grief is a very moving story, told with Holleran’s characteristic balance of humor and lyricism. It’s a rather quiet story, leisurely paced, whose emotions burrow under the surface and sneak up on you unexpectedly. Holleran is not a writer who hits you over the head; he knows it’s far more effective to get under your skin instead.

After the reading, as he was signing my copy of the book, I asked his advice about my upcoming reading at the same store on July 11. He was graciously encouraging—and I hope his own ease with the process rubs off a bit. It will be intimidating enough to take my place at the same table so recently presided over by a literary giant.


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